Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 7

Short term goals for this month and why

One goal we have set recently is to keep track of where our money goes. Living in Los Alamos we don't have many options for shopping and we very rarely go anywhere else, so it's pretty easy to not spend money. We have started just doing 2 big grocery shopping trips per month and anything in between is just fresh fruit and veggies and milk.

This month we also had a goal to get our tickets for Germany and we finally did! I still can't believe we are actually going and I'm already getting butterflies about leaving the kids for 2 weeks, but I know we are going to have an amazing trip. Germany, Italy, Spain. Beautiful beaches, beautiful sites! Ahhh! So fun!

Ryan asked me to try some new recipes recently, so I guess that was one of our goals. I made sweet and sour chicken and fried rice one night. It was quite the process and I don't know if I'll do it again, but it was fun to try and tasted pretty good.

We don't really set monthly goals, I guess it would be smarter to do that than yearly goals. Maybe if we just did one goal per month we'd actually finish some. :)

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